Subject: This Weekend: Speak out for Single Payer


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We want to let you know about a unique opportunity to promote single payer health care this weekend, December 13 and 14 at the Obama Transition Team  “Change is Coming” house parties nationwide. To find the one closest to you, go to…

These meetings are an opportunity to meet with concerned neighbors, pass on information on single-payer, and dispell some of the myths of this form of universal coverage, and we join several pro-single payer groups in urging you to attend one. For talking points see our brochure, “Health Care: Truths and Myths,” developed by AfD secretary Dr. Peter Mott and available online here  .

Physicians for a National Health Program’s website is also a great resource for information at  .

And if you sign up on the Obama website, you can also create your own “blog” with which you can talk to other people who’ve registered on the site about the topics that interest you. It’s a good way to help spread the facts on single payer health care.

To get you started, here are a few quick reasons why mandate plans won’t work, and why single payer “Medicare for All” is what we need, from the NYMetro chapter of PNHP.

1. Premiums for insurance keep going up, and health emergencies are a major cause of bankruptcy in the US.

2. When health insurance is a job benefit, economic downturns leave many without coverage, either because benefits are cut or because of unemployment. 

3. A majority of physicians (59 percent) and an even higher proportion of Americans (62 percent or more) support single-payer national health insurance or “Medicare for All.” In spite of this, all we are hearing about today are mandate plans that would require everyone to buy the same private insurance that is already failing us.

4. Mandate programs don’t regulate insurance premiums, they don’t keep the insurance companies from refusing to pay many of our bills, and they don’t improve the insurance we now have. Plans like these have been tried in many states over the past two decades (Massachusetts, Tennessee, Washington State, Oregon, Minnesota, Vermont, Maine). They have all failed to reduce the number of uninsured or to contain costs.

6. Every other industrialized country has some form of universal health care. None uses profitmaking, investor-owned insurance companies like ours to provide health care for all their people.

The Alliance will be making health care a major focus of action in 2009. We welcome your involvement and thank you for taking action! And we’d welcome hearing about your experiences; just email