Nothing says Christmas spirit like kids decorating the Christmas tree and Lame-duck Governor Matt Blunt ranting and raving against prosecutors.

On Wednesday, however, Blunt called the lawsuit a “wild goose chase” and questioned whether the court-appointed lawyers representing the attorney general were “rational people.”


Blunt made the remarks to reporters during a Christmas tree decorating activity with schoolchildren outside the governor’s Capitol office.

He went on to call the lawsuit “disorganized,” “ridiculous” and lacking “any coherent strategy or legal objective.”

The net results, Blunt said, are steep lawyers’ fees that must be paid by taxpayers.

“I think everybody involved in this really ought to be ashamed of themselves, because they’ve allowed hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to be wasted,” Blunt said.

When you stop breaking the law, we’ll stop having it investigated and punished. Deal?