WTF, Claire? You support the auto bailout, but oppose the bill because it includes a pay raise for federal judges? Please go away now.

UPDATE: I’m told by a senior Democratic staffer (not Claire’s) that the provision in question was a COLA increase for federal judges, essential for retaining and recruiting quality legal minds who can make far more in private practice. The provision is apparently being stricken from the bill. it’s possible that early reports got it wrong, and McCaskill is working to get the provision pulled from the bill, rather than opposing the entire bailout. If she votes against this for any other reason than a poison pill amendment from Republicans, she’s probably past the point of me even offering a kind word on her behalf when she faces re-election, even in her defense against rightwing acquaintances.

I’ll also note that McCaskill, along with everyone else in Congress, will automatically get a pay increase of $5,000 on January 1. Federal judges do not get a pay increase without a congressional vote in favor.