It seems that Matt Blunt’s future plans not only include a lucrative position in the auto-salvage industry on the Board of Directors of Copart, Inc., but he is looking at other offers for simultaneous employment.  According to a Blunt spokesman:

“It is my understanding this is not the only position he will hold, and he is exploring a number of options with different employers and this board position is one of them,” Chrismer said.

So explaln to me, please, just what Blunt has to offer that will justify multiple appointments with generous renumeration in $$ and stock. What value will he render in return and how will he find time to render it to all those buyers?  It isn’t like he was really such great shakes at being governor, afterall.  In a formal news release, Copart’s president suggested that:

“Gov. Blunt will add tremendous value to Copart’s board with his experience in public policy and fiscal management,” …”We are looking forward to the unique perspective he will bring to the board with his public service background.”

Hunhh! Just what does he mean by unique perspective?  The company would not make any further comment when contacted by the Post-Dispatch so I get no help from that source.  

Of course, since Blunt is raking in these employment offers in the private sector on the basis of “skills” he acquired on the Missouri payroll, perhaps he will pay back the nearly 1,000,000 dollars it is costing the taxpayers to defend his allegedly illegal and probably criminal violations of the sunshine laws?