…so our useless media must think that there’s no such thing as global climate change.

It snowed today in Warrensburg. According to our useless media we should probably complain that “global warming” is a figment of someone else’s fevered imagination.

Not so fast. From the Columbia Journalism Review:

…This brings us back to the confusion about weather and climate, and the fact that short-term changes in the former are irrelevant to long-term trends in the latter. Yet every winter, the onset of cold inspires climate skeptics to once again attempt to “debunk” global warming and journalists to once again fall for the maneuver. I reported on that phenomenon in 2007, and New York Times reporter Andrew Revkin covered it in March 2008. Despite journalists’ earnest, and somewhat successful, efforts to move past the basic points that global warming is happening and that human industry is the cause, lingering confusion about the basics of climate science continues to plague public understanding…

Go. Read the whole thing. There’s a difference between weather and climate. That, and someone fell asleep in junior high school when they were covering averages.