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It may have already started.

This race was a close one:

Unofficial Election Returns

State of Missouri General Election  – 2008 General Election

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

State Representative – District 121 – Summary

Hoskins, Denny L. REP 7,004 50.5%

Jackson, Jim DEM 6,875 49.5%

Total Votes   13,879

After the smoke had cleared on the night of the election the difference between the two candidates was less than one per cent. The republican candidate in the open seat race, Denny Hoskins, assisted by ungodly amount of republican state party money paying for nasty radio, cable television, and mail, managed to barely eke out a win over Jim Jackson (D).

It was the normal republican campaign play book. Nasty and full of crap:

Meet your Missouri GOP: an unholy alliance with Missouri Right to Life

Denny Hoskins (r) in the 121st Legislative District: attack piece ignores the NRA

The “Missouri Club for Growth” and Denny Hoskins (r) in the 121st Legislative District

But, the republicans will continue to do this nasty campaign stuff because it works.

That remorse? The Warrensburg Daily Star Journal prominently published a letter to the editor on their opinion page today:

…I felt compelled to set the record straight on an issue that was bantered around during the recent campaign for Missouri House seat for 121st District….

…Every aspect of Jim’s service has been conducted as a gentleman. To the community: You passed your chance to have the best-qualified candidate to serve you in the Legislature. It appears to me, the rejection was based on questionable information about his past record…

Bill Brame, Higginsville

And of course, the local media didn’t call the republicans on it (and that’s being charitable) until after the election.

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing and hearing a lot of priceless stuff come from Denny Hoskins (r – “noun, verb, CPA”) in Jefferson City. All those right wingnut chickens are going to come home to roost – and the voters in the 121st Legislative District won’t like it one bit.