Looking at Lafayette County’s election results is a little more interesting than you’d expect for a county that went 57/42 McCain. For those of you who don’t know, Lafayette County is the county to the direct east of Jackson County, and the home of Congressman Ike Skelton.

For one thing, Obama won Lexington (1130-1043), came within 6% of winning Higginsville (1299-1154 for McCain), and came within 5% of taking absentees (929-839). But where did it all go wrong?

Well, for one thing… McCain topped 60% in quite a few places. Such as Napoleon (64%-35%, 194-106), Corder (62%-38%, 179-110), Concordia (73%-26%, 1129-399), Alma (83%-17%, 436-89), and Waverly (69%-29%, 311-131). McCain also won by 10% in Odessa (1192-976 in South and 994-817 in North), and by 20% in Bates City (1020-679).

As for other candidates. Jay Nixon won Lafayette County and won every precinct except Napoleon, Concordia, and Alma. Sam Page won South Odessa and ran ahead of Obama in Lexington. Mitch Hubbard defeated Robin in Alma and Concordia. Also, Beth Grubb won South Odessa by 101, lost North Odessa by 4, and lost Higginsville by 311 (yes, running behind the Obama total in Higginsville)

How about another west-central Missouri county? Bates County. The closest to a positive for Obama was losing by 12 votes in Butler’s 2nd precinct. Obama also lost absentees by 5%. His worst town with over 500 votes was Adrian (losing 1158-700). Through the quirks of vote-splitting, Bates only went to Kinder by 345 votes. Page won North Adrian and lost the town 917-872. Mitch Hubbard also won Rockville (58-47).

Vernon County has precinct results up too.

Anybody else know of counties with precinct result info up on the web? or will someone have to quietly get all the precinct results from this entire state since the Blue Book no longer publishes that info for the Presidential/Gubernatorial races?

Update: Pike County has some precinct results too