The results

U.S. President And Vice President

Precincts Reporting 3533 of 3533

John McCain, Sarah Palin  REP 1,445,022  49.4%  

Barack Obama, Joe Biden  DEM 1,440,667  49.3%  

Bob Barr, Wayne A. Root  LIB 11,376  .4%  

Chuck Baldwin, Darrell Castle  CST 8,193  .3%  

Ralph Nader, Matt Gonzalez  IND 17,801  .6%  

Cynthia McKinney, Rosa Clemente  WI 437  .0%  

Total Votes   2,923,496

The margin of McCain’s lead is 4355.

The MO SOS site doesn’t have the JCEB results which are +31 McCain and +35 Obama (and plus +2 Nader, +1 Barr, +1 Baldwin). So the margin is at 4351.

So, where were votes gained this afternoon?

Obama gained 102 votes from Boone County, lost 2 votes from Carter County, gained 12 votes from Dunklin County, gained 4 votes from Howell County, gained 6 votes from Pike County, lost two votes from Pulaski county, gained 2 votes from Reynolds County, gained 20 votes from St. Charles County, and gained 7 votes from Taney County.

Plus 149 votes.

McCain gained 46 votes in Boone County, gained 2 votes in Carter county, gained 10 votes in Dunklin County, gained 8 votes in Howell County, gained 3 votes in Lawrence County, gained 6 votes in Pike County, gained 1 vote in Pulaski County, gained 1 vote in Reynolds County, gained 12 votes in St. Charles County, and gained 22 votes in Taney County.

Plus 111 votes.

Barr and Baldwin picked up one vote each. Ralph Nader picked up 4 votes. Cynthia McKinney lost 65 votes. She picked up write-ins from Boone (8 votes) and Shannon County (1 vote). But she ‘lost’ credit for 74 write-ins in Crawford and Douglas Counties.

I’m not entirely sure if the counting is over. Because McKinney is not credited with a single write-in from STL City or STL County. Judging by her results from KC (5 write-ins), she’s due for at least 6 write-ins from the combination of the city and county. Also, McKinney will probably drop below 100 write-ins when the JCEB reports the write-ins (they haven’t, yet.. when you take out the uncertified write-in candidates, the JCEB write-in total WILL drop from 394 to around 4.)

So.. someone should nudge the media to call Missouri around 20 minutes into their show. Being the Bellweather was fun, but i’m sure we Missourians can make the most out of being “The closest state in the Nation” (never mind that Obama won by 6, we need a new gimmick so that we don’t get our volunteers sent to Iowa in November 2012)