Blunt just got nailed.

For more than a year, Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt’s administration has defended itself against accusations that it has ignored laws that guarantee an open government.

The administration contended that a fired staff lawyer never offered advice about the governor’s policy requiring public records, including e-mails, to be retained.

But he did.

Blunt’s staffers said the administration did not regularly conduct state business out of public view on campaign e-mail accounts.

But they did.

And the governor’s then-chief-of-staff denied the existence of e-mails showing he had engaged in political activities on state time.

But hundreds of them exist.

Proof of that pattern of mistatements is contained in more than 60,000 pages of e-mails, filling 22 boxes, that were turned over late last week to three news outlets, including the Post-Dispatch, which participated in a lawsuit seeking the records.