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The Bush EPA has been guided by political hacks with as much concern for the environment as Casanova had for a maiden’s virginity. With only a few weeks left to  commit rape, they’re busy:

WASHINGTON – The Environmental Protection Agency issued new pollution control requirements for large livestock feedlots Friday that would allow farm operators to avoid having to get a permit if they claim the facility will not put harmful discharges into nearby waterways.

EPA officials said the new requirements call for a “zero discharge standard” and also will require farm operators to develop management plans that prevent the runoff of excessive environmentally damaging nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous into lakes and streams.

The new rules provide “a strong national standard for pollution prevention and environmental protection while maintaining our country’s economic and agricultural competitiveness,” said Benjamin Grumbles, the EPA’s assistant administrator for water, in a statement.

Environmentalists have long complained that animal feedlots – the large farm operations where hogs and cattle are fattened before slaughter – pollute waterways because of their huge buildup of manure which is piled up or spread across the land.

Before the election, one of Missouri’s anti-CAFO activists summed up the jaw dropping chutzpah of the ruling:

What marvelous logic!

Under this line of reasoning, my friendly neighborhood bank-robber would have

the option of informing the police department that because he was an honorable soul who never has intended to inconvenience anyone, his upcoming

“withdrawal” will be completely harmless, and they should spend their time minding parking meters and let him be free to pursue his own business… and

just treat it as “emotion” if someone phones in to say there’s an alarm ringing outside their bank.

We believe in free enterprise, don’t we, so let’s let everyone police themselves.

Well, I can hope that the EPA in a future national administration might actually have something to do with protecting the environment.  That does not seem to be the case at the moment.

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David Finke