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I shot close to fifty, but it was a late rally and the quality wasn’t very good on most of them – oh well.  Digital cameras don’t waste film – and when Obama kicks off his reelection campaign, I’ll buy a better camera than my vintage model.   But that’s in the future…here is what we have today!


I have a feeling that this young lady will be first in line Tuesday morning!


I get a perfect shot framed, and had my shutter speed set just right, and wouldn’t you know it – right before the pic snapped, someone raised their own camera and I got the camera instead of the Senator!


Not as good as the one above would have been, but hey, here is the man himself!

It's about this little guy

It’s about the world that this little guy will inherit in a few short years.  His Mom doesn’t want to trundle him off to this endless frickin’ war that the bu$h-cons started!

And this little girl

And the thought of this little girl strumming a guitar on this quad ten years from now singing “Where have all the Flowers Gone” breaks my heart, and that is what this election is about!

I got some funny looks from the rest of the press pen when I finished the chant – it’s a tradition at rallies and games, etc, for a speaker to end with “M-I-Z” and the crowd to respond back “Z-O-U” while pumping fists in the air.  When the first speaker, the president of the campus Democrats (an organization I was once a member of!) ended her speach with the chant, I reflexively chimed in.  When they looked at me funny I said “What?  I went to school here!”  At that point I became the official source of information about all things MU for the traveling press.   And one of the J-school students was bowled over – one of the professors teaches the Libby Letters matter and didn’t know that one of the people who signed that brief was an MU alum, or at least didn’t mention that part – but that doesn’t surprise me, and I explained to the student that I was a life sciences nerd, not in the J school, and my professional name is not my married name, which is relatively common and therefore more difficult to google.  Anyway, I am sure that the professor who teaches that class knows that there is an MU connection now!