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Matt Blunt is still campaigning, even though he’s off the ballot. Blunt attacked Barney Frank’s recent comments that an economic stimulus package was necessary and would have to be offset in the government’s ledger by increased taxes on the wealthy and a 25 percent reduction in military spending. Sayeth the Boy Blunder, “It is difficult to see how a 25 percent reduction in military spending would not undermine the ability of our Guard to help win the Global War on Terror, support the active duty components and respond to natural disasters.”

Gee, Matt, it’s also hard to see how sending Guard units out repeatedly on extended tours in a war of choice, in a country where you know, Osama Bin Laden is not located could possibly have helped Guard readiness.

As for Frank’s comments, it’s worth examining them more closely. He didn’t call for an across the board cut, he called for a withdrawal from Iraq, where we are currently spending $10 billion a month, and for the Pentagon to start picking and choosing which of its lavish weapons programs the US government will continue to support. Where does National Guard funding come up in Frank’s comments?

It’s always easier to attack your opponent when you are allowed to make things up, like Blunt does.