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Sam Page (D), the candidate challenging republican incumbent Peter Kinder in the Lt. Governor race, is the target of a lot of republican campaign trash tactics. Does anybody think Peter Kinder (R) might be a little concerned about his re-election prospects?

We’ve previously written about the robocalls:

Robocalls against Sam Page (D)

Robocalls against Sam Page (D), parts 2 and 3

Now it’s a concern troll letter from a fake Democrat:

Gee, the letter is so “personal”, and yet it is unsigned.

Uh, yep. “Citizens Taking Charge”, the same entity behind the nasty robocalls.

The letter was reads like it was written by a junior high school age political operative.

“Heavy heart”? Instead, try “really scared of losing current job, eh Peter”?

What do you mean “we”, republican hacks?

The envelope was addressed to an individual who contributed money to Sam Page’s campaign – and who would have shown up in the itemized contribution portion of his campaign finance reports. There was no return address.

The envelope, please…

Permit, permit, who paid for the permit?

I have a sneaking suspicion we’re going to find out.

By the way, the grass is green everywhere this election cycle when it comes to Democratic candidates.

Okay, who is paying for all this? Well, according to a report filled with the Missouri Ethics Commission [pdf], “Citizens Taking Charge” received a contribution of $40,000.00 from the “American Democracy Alliance” on July 31, 2008.

The Missouri Secretary of State has an “American Democracy Alliance” listed in Kansas City, but it has a different address than the one listed in the campaign finance report. Could this be the same entity?

Date: 10/19/2008    Filed Documents

Business Name History

Name Name Type

American Democracy Alliance Legal

Non-Profit Corporation – Domestic – Information

Charter Number: N00832876

Status: Good Standing

Entity Creation Date: 7/30/2007

State of Business.: MO

Expiration Date: Perpetual

Last Annual Report Filed Date: 8/29/2008

Last Annual Report Filed: 2008…