Hm, it’s a good sign for crowd size when you can tell that the crowd is huge, but you can’t quite capture it on photo. If only there was a way to take a line photo that shows the full scope of the line. Maybe Michael got one of those pics.

As you could see down page by Blue Girl, it was massive here and in St. Louis. We’ll use math someday to show that Kansas City topped St. Louis in percentage of people there. Ha. šŸ˜‰

But, this is Democrat Country.

Before (3pmish)/After

As for the speeches..

Senator Obama namedropping Herman Edwards was questionable. But not as bad Susan Montee namedropping Mayor Funkhouser. The crowd seemed to just politely murmur that one away.

Emanuel Cleaver was pretty much electric. Ike Skelton was pretty good. Montee was fine and she brought up Kay Barnes, IIRC. Kathleen Sebelius got to bring up Jay Nixon (as did Montee), and she brought up Jim Slattery (and people didn’t really react there).

Icebergslim has photos which would be from him, or someone who was almost in the exact same perch as me as Obama came out.

Compare this to this:

Another thing that stood out from looking at the larger copies of the photos is the huge number of people in the crowd using their phones or cameras to also take pictures as the speech went on. YouTube also has crowd videos of the speech, and videos of anarchists and far-right wingers (all I saw at the end was some guy playing a tiny guitar about the usual street preacher themes)

So all in all, one hell of a day. (Wish my camera didn’t mess up and eat the photos of Obama walking to the stage).

Also, I can share photos of a northbound traffic jam on Main as the rally went on.