Rubber-stamp Republican Kenny Hulshof spreads some love for his Republican buddies

When asked to give Blunt and Bush a letter grade, Nixon gave both an “F.” Hulshof was more generous, giving Blunt a “B” and Bush — who was in St. Louis on Friday to raise money for Hulshof — a “C-minus.”

I’d love to hear the criteria that Hulshof is using to justify those grades. Also, did Kenny bump One-term Blunt down a grade for his Amendment 2 stance?

Also, I’m thinking of doing an omnibus ad-review on Hulshof’s series of “LAWYERS BAD, NIXON BAD” ads soon. That would include the ad mentioning Ameren that’s so fresh that it’s not on YouTube. But then again, how useful is it to club a do-nothing Congressman on the road to a decisive loss? I’d have some more fun looking at the Kinder ad he just put up.