Remember how the Republicans stole the 2000 and 2004 elections?  Character assassination comes natural to them.

They humiliated and crucified two great American public servants and heroes – Al Gore and John Kerry.

This election, the stakes are even higher and the attacks on their opponent are even more vile.  John McCain, Sarah Palin and their evil mouthpieces on talk radio are inciting mobs to riot.  Besides being outright dangerous, this pitiful, desperate attempt to get attention is aimed at the ugliest, least civilized part of our human nature.  It’s insulting, but the people who fall for it don’t even realize they are being treated like animals trained to fight and kill.

The media will only discuss whether all of this is “appropriate.”   Hell no, it’s not appropriate.  It’s outrageous.   And, if we don’t stop it, no one will.

WE, THE PEOPLE,  have to say “Not this time.”

No way, no how, no character assassination this election.

In his first book, the one about his life and family, Barack Obama tells about reading Joseph Conrad’s  Heart of Darkness for a college class.  “See, the book’s not really about Africa.  Or black people.  It’s about the man who wrote it.  The European.  The American…So I read the book to help me understand just what it is that makes white people so afraid.  Their demons.  The way ideas get twisted around.  It helps me understand how people learn to hate.”

p. 103,  Dreams from My Father. 2004 edition

So here’s a man raised by his white mother and grandparents, and who inherited half of his genes from an African scholar,  trying to figure out why white people are so afraid and hateful when it comes to people who look different than they do.   Barack Obama is a once-in-a-century unique individual because of his background.  If we let the hate mongers destroy his chance to lead our country out of the chaos created by the Republicans over the past 20 years, we will never have another opportunity to pull our country back from the brink of disaster.

Everyone who supports Obama for president needs to speak out now.  Write letters to every paper you know of, get involved with blogs on the internet,  firmly educate anyone who tells lies about Barack and  tell them NO.  Not this time.  Enough is Enough.

Here is a web site for addresses for all U.S. newspapers:  

Area papers:

St. Louis Post Dispatch, 900 N. Tucker, St. Louis 63101

The Missourian, PO Box 336, Washington, MO 63090

Meramec Valley Current, 542 E. Osage, Pacific, MO 63069