“No” to seat belts on school buses? The Lt. Governor’s race between incumbent Peter Kinder (r) and Sam Page (D) has reached a point of absurdity.

On Thursday (at some point) I received a robocall. It left a message on my answering machine.

[male voice – recorded] Doctor Same Page has the wrong prescription for Missouri’s children. Sam Page supports forcing our children to wear seat belts on school buses. Despite study after study that proves school buses are safer without seat belts, Sam Page thinks he has the better answer. Sam Page wants to take another decision out of the hands of parents and local school districts and put it into the hands of state government. Sam Page’s choices are risky for Missouri. On November 4th say “No” to Sam Page. Paid for by Citizens Taking Charge, Patrick Wilson, treasurer.

In the hierarchy of wedge issues I’m wondering where this fits in. Are they telling us they’ve run out of gas on God, gays, and guns? Wow.

Where did this come from?:

A PAC [pdf] which hasn’t filed much yet.

This has really got to be a hot button issue. I wonder if our current Lt. Governor has taken the lead on keeping our kids out of seat belts?

I checked out Peter Kinder’s campaign web site to see if there was anything on the issue of seat belts on school buses.

Nope. Nothing there. Nothing about putting them in seat belts either. I called Peter Kinder’s campaign office. Apparently there was no one in on a Saturday.

Sam Page, on the other hand, appears to be concerned about the safety of children:

I think I have this straight. The republicans and their surrogates don’t want children wearing seat belts. That’s it? Is this the issue that republicans have been reduced to running on?

I called Sam Page’s campaign office today. They answered the phone. Sam Page’s campaign has released a statement about Peter Kinder’s (r) campaign tactics:

“It is shameful but not surprising that Lt. Gov. Kinder can’t find enough positive accomplishments during his term to fill a 30 second commercial,” Page said.  “He has picked up right where he left off in the primary, distorting my record because he is unable to defend his own record of slashing health services to 400,000 Missourians and siding with insurance companies instead of protecting seniors from investment fraud.

“Missouri voters won’t be fooled by the attacks of a desperate campaign.”