Here’s the list of Missouri Right to Life endorsements. But a brief disclaimer: Missouri Right to Life endorsements have not been proven to carry electoral weight, do not mix Missouri Right to Life Endorsements with any liquid, solid, or compound. So here are some of the notable endorsements and nonendorsements…

MO-RTL is endorsing McCain, Hulshof, and Mitch Hubbard. They are not endorsing Kinder, Gibbons or Lager.

Democrat Dennis Riche got the MO-RTL endorsement over Kevin Engler in the 3rd Senatorial district. Riche and Jim Lembke were the ONLY candidates endorsed in 17 Senate races (David “100% Pro-Life” Pearce apparently rounded up from being 99.7% pro-life and MO-RTL demands better). Some House races get endorsements and others don’t.

The overall conclusion from the MO-RTL (non)endorsement list: Almost everybody isn’t pure enough for them. But they like McCain and Kenny Hulshof.