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Interesting that Bush is back in town for a big fundraiser on behalf of Hulshof’s flailing gubernatorial campaign. I say interesting because it was unclear that Bush would come at all due to the problems with the bailout bill. And now Hulshof voted against the bailout bill again. I guess Bush is just the forgiving type.

Jay Nixon’s statement on Bush’s visit:

“”The failed economic policies of President Bush, supported by Congressman Hulshof, have created what looks to be the worst economic crisis in more than a generation.  While Washington is focused on bailing out Wall Street, the people of Missouri continue to feel the real pain of this broken economy.  Families are struggling to pay the bills, jobs are leaving our state and everyone is worried about what the future will bring.

We have an election around the corner and everyone is campaigning aggressively, but by embracing President Bush in the midst of this

economic meltdown, Congressman Hulshof is reminding the people of

Missouri why it’s so important that we take our state in a new direction. After voting lockstep with President Bush to create this economic crisis, Congressman Hulshof is not the change we need here in Missouri. We simply can’t afford it.”