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Mr. “Every-dollar-counts” Peter Kinder got exposed in the Monday Post-Dispatch. Seems he has sometimes paid two, other times three of his aides more than half again their salaries for six months at a time, supposedly for doing more work. But the Post-Dispatch confronted him with the pay records showing that those aides actually worked fewer hours during the periods when they earned more.

Kinder’s response was worth the price of the paper:

“Each week presents its own challenges, and it is difficult to compare week to week and say as a matter of course that each hour requires additional pay,” Kinder said through a spokesman. “It is the increase in duties that is relevant, and in this case there were increased duties being distributed amongst the remaining staff.”

Did you follow the logic? No, me either.

Republicans, before they achieve any high office, should be required to memorize Jabberwocky. Why not streamline the job of lying and cheating, just have one all-occasion piece of nonsense for the media?