The report deadline is Thursday, and the closing day was Saturday the 30th.

Some of the first to file: Joe Sadeghi (D-SD21), Linda Sanders (D-SD27), and Kristi Kenney (D-HD120)

Sadeghi loaned himself around a thousand dollars and recieved a small amount in anonymous (small) donations. He spent $138.53 on gas, $1041 on newspaper ads, $50 on a TV ad, and assorted amounts on things like stamps, plywood, photocopies, a $20 penalty to the MEC, inkjets, and food (totalling $274.77 combined). So it’s an interesting look into where the money goes when you spend $1505 in a period.

Sadeghi’s opponent Bill Stouffer recieved $2,117.55 this quarter, and Stouffer has $154,160 on hand. Stouffer spent $1,594.99 on yard signs in August as his only major expenditure.

Sanders recieved $3,155 this period with no contributions over the old limits (keeping in mind that donations after the 28th are without the old limits). Sanders spent most of her money on newspaper ads ($540) and printing ($601.16). With money for gas and office supplies below $100.

Kristi Kenney reported $19,321 for this period and spent $9,703.87. She has $29K on hand.

So in 2 of 3 cases, it appears that the link between not raising/spending lots of money and reporting early is maintained.

We’ll have more fun and useful 30 days after reports in a few days, i’m sure.