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OK, I may have to move to Kansas City, just so I can be in Emanuel Cleaver’s district. I’d have more chances to get to hear him speak. He knows how express the dissatisfaction and anger all of us feel, but with such sadness and such passion in his voice that we realize it anew.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m happy to be in Lacy Clay’s district. I appreciate his progressive voting record, and besides, he’s no slouch as a speaker himself. But Cleaver’s in a class of his own as a speaker.

The first time I heard him speak was in a video that Blue Girl posted here. I laughed then I cried. Here’s a man who honed his rhetorical skills for a few decades in Baptist churches, and they’re sharp as a razor.

(Unfortunately, my photographic skills are not sharp as a razor. Please excuse them.)

Correction: Cleaver is a Methodist.