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Okay, not so briefly noted. Use this as an open thread. Meanwhile, the usual suspects are about their business in the State of Missouri.

We have a state Supreme Court vacancy. The Appellate Judicial Commission has submitted three names. The probability is high that the governor doesn’t like any of them because they’re, you know, actual judges with judicial temperament and not right wingnut ideologues.

From the office of Governor Matt “lame baby duck” Blunt:


Friday, August 21, 2008

Contact: Jessica Robinson

Gov. Blunt Receives Supreme Court Panel by the Appellate Judicial Commission

JEFFERSON CITY-Gov. Matt Blunt today received a panel of three candidates as presented by the Appellate Judicial Commission and will begin the review process to fill the vacancy left by former Supreme Court Judge Stephen Limbaugh who has been appointed as a U.S. District Court Judge.

“The Appellate Judicial Commission has selected three candidates who they believe should serve on the Missouri Supreme Court and I will thoughtfully review their selections,” Gov. Blunt said.  “My office will have a selection process that is open and transparent and I will carefully review and research the qualifications and experience that each panelist could bring to the Missouri Supreme Court.”

In Missouri, the governor does not appoint a judge to the Supreme Court from citizens at large. Instead an Appellate Judicial Commission, made up of the presiding chief justice, three lawyers chosen by the Missouri Bar and three people appointed by governors, selects a panel of three candidates. Gov. Blunt has appointed only one of the three commissioners, and the others were appointed by former Gov. Bob Holden.

The governor and his top staff will thoroughly review each candidate and their qualifications.  As with all gubernatorial appointments, the candidates will first work with the Office of Boards and Commissions to complete an initial interview and facilitate official background checks. A historic review of public documents and available information related to each candidate will also be collected and thoroughly reviewed. References, judges, local and state bar association members, community leaders and citizens will be consulted as a part of the information gathering process. In addition, letters of reference and recommendations are collected, confirmed and assembled.

Candidates will then meet with the governor’s general counsel and members of his senior staff for an interview and discussion of the judicial branch and Supreme Court. Gov. Blunt will then carefully review all available information and resources regarding each candidate and plans to meet with each candidate before making his final decision.

The governor has 60 days to appoint one of the three nominated candidates to the Supreme Court.

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Is it just me, or does this press release come off as whiny? Gee, he got to purge all the license offices in the state, why not the Appellate Judicial Commission? And what about that continuing vacancy in the 17th Judicial Circuit? Matt “baby” Blunt must feel he got rolled on that one, trying to be too clever by half, eh?