I don’t always note changes to our blogroll, but in this case, a couple of the changes involve friends and “family.”

ArchPundit has rebooted his blog about St. Louis politics, “Blog Saint Louis.” ArchPundit is a very knowledgable and witty observer of politics, and not afraid to argue you to death if necessary. Check him out.

Blue Girl has switched her home blog’s platform to Soapblox and retitled it, “They Gave Us A Republic.” She’ll continue her brand of acerbic commentary without pulling punches over there with the usual cast of characters. We also still expect to see her time and again here, but if you miss her, check her out over on her home blog.

And Ed Ricciotti, a prominent member of DFA’s Columbia chapter, has been blogging at “Left in Missouri” for some time now. Recently, he’s really stepped up his blogging, so check him out on a regular basis.