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Chris Koster’s ex-wife has put up $200,000 for TV ads to inform the public about his sleazy campaign funding practices. The K.C. Star’s Prime Buzz has the tale, and I’ll let Kit Wagar give the details.

The ex-Mrs. lives in Arizona now, but from four states away is still nursing a grudge. And Koster thought he was only running against Donnelly and Harris.

I haven’t seen the ads, but I’ll bet they can’t keep up with the constant flow of revelations. For example, Rex Sinquefield, having given the maximum possible to Koster through his 100 PACs, is now airing radio ads for him, independent of Koster’s campaign. All Children Matter, the Sinquefield organization that backs vouchers, is also spending $19 thousand for mailings, not only for Koster but for other pro-voucher candidates.

Update: FiredUp! posted this ad: