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“A Discussion with Missouri Women and Michelle Obama”.

We attempted to live blog the event – Michelle Obama in Kansas City – the audience gathers, but we were like a bad clown act trying to juggle one too many things, sometimes it just ain’t pretty. The photos turned out quite a bit better.

The television trucks started showing up after 7:00 a.m.

A local television reporter does a morning news “stand up” before the public is let into the auditorium.

The panel of five women waits with the crowd.

Michelle Obama is introduced by Missouri State Auditor Susan Montee

Michelle Obama delivers her prepared remarks.

Michelle Obama and the panel.

Michelle Obama and the crowd on the rope line.

A number of people asked to pose for photos (and did).

A significant number of individuals gave and received hugs.

Michelle Obama is an engaged and ebullient individual. In almost every instance when she encountered someone on the rope line she took time to listen.

Vendors hawked Obama 2008 paraphanalia after the event, in the hallway inside and outside the venue.