Hi everyone, hope you had a great weekend. Please check out the announcements after the calendar as well:  Chelsea is offering to provide a nonviolent direct action training to people who are interested, Ben is searching for a home for a doberman, and there’s a petition to save Anheuser-Busch.  Here are some of this week’s events:

Monday, July 7:  2nd Congressional District Democratic Primary Debate at 7 PM, at the Thornhill Branch Library (The library off Fifi in Maryland Heights)  Come figure out who you want to kick war-cheerleader Todd Akin’s butt in the November elections!

Also Monday, The St. Louis Instead of War Committee has their monthly steering committee meeting.  It’s at 7 PM at the World Community Center, 438 North Skinker.  Open to all!

Also Monday at 7 PM, Barbara Ehrenreich, author of “Nickled and Dimed” and “This Land is Their Land”, will be speaking at the St. Louis Ethical Society.  Details here.

Tuesday, July 8: Via Joe on the Wall: “Especially for those of you who live in the city (though certainly anyone’s welcome to come), there will be an Obama organizing meeting July 8th, in the evening in the Shaw neighborhood (near Tower Grove Park and the South Grand area); it is organized by veteran activist Martin Rafanan, who is most certainly a man who knows how to get things done, so come with a realistic assessment of your time availability and a willingness to make a commitment, even if only a small one.

Get the details and RSVP at this link, and please give me a call (314-620-9930) as well, since I’m responsible for some of the recruitment on this.”

Also Tuesday: St. Louis’s Amnesty International chapter has their monthly meeting at 7 PM at the Schlafly Branch of the St. Louis Library.  Their website is here.

Also Tuesday, the St. Louis Animal Rights Team (START) is having their bi-monthly meeting at 7 PM: click here for details.

Wednesday, July 9: Day of Action for an Oil-Free President. Big Oil has a new candidate for president: their friend John McCain. With 21 oil lobbyists running his campaign, John McCain won’t solve our energy crisis.  Come out and send a message that we want a president who isn’t in the pockets of Big Oil!  We’ll be at the Shell Station on the corner of Delmar and Skinker, just a few blocks from the Delmar Metrolink station.  Several people, including members of this facebook group, will be going out for dinner in the loop afterwards as well.  Sign up now at this link.

Thursday, July 10: Author Rachel Spangler will be speaking at Left Bank Books at 7 PM. More info here.

Friday, July 11: 9 AM to 11 AM at the St. Louis City hall

Workers call on St Louis City to honor its agreement with their


From JwJ:  “These Sisters and Brothers make the city work! And for months they have negotiated in good faith with representatives of the City of St Louis on issues of fair pay and time to be with their families.

“We want a strong and better working relationship with the City

of St Louis,” said Ted Williams, President of AFSCME Local 410,

“And we thought we’d made progress until the City turned its

back on this agreement.”

Details on the negotiations and the City’s surprise turnabout

can be found in an article in this week’s St Louis American.

We’ll see you in the streets….

Will include public workers, leaders from their unions and

community supporters”

Also Friday An interesting play “Beautiful Resistance” is being presented by Playback Workshop Theater.  Details here.

Saturday, July 12: The Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis is screening a movie from Jia Zhang-ke, considered by many to be the most successful storyteller of change and discontent in contemporary China.  I’m not sure what’s going on with the times, so you might want to contact the Contemporary if you’re interested in going.  

[http://www.art-stl.com/artszipper/Event.cfm?eid=4F2C3164-3048-7A03-39ADB6DF4349717E More info here.”


From Chelsea:  

“Hey you crazy cats,

I have some free time over the week of July 7th and am wondering if anyone would want to participate in a NonViolent Direct Action (NVDA) training?! I am an active volunteer with Greenpeace and other organizations that thrive on the firm beliefs of Non Violence, and would love to put together a casual afternoon or evening event in the park. I am a trainer-in-training and would love the practice. A couple of hours would cover the history of non-violence, theories and philosophy, real life applications, and even some blockading and de-escalation techniques. This is a truly valuable opportunity and I encourage one and all to take part! If you are involved in any sort of activist movement, it is absolutely necessary, for yourself and for others.

If you are interested, please let Adam or I know when you are available this month and we can put something together. And hey, I’ll even bring some sweets and refreshing refreshments. 🙂



(614) 783-6907 ”

From Ben West:

“This doggie needs a yard!

He was dumped near my friend’s farm near Columbia a week ago. Brought him back to STL yesterday in hopes of finding him a home here. He’s one of those breeds that gets put down without a chance at most shelters. I can only keep him a week…. suggestions???

The Stats

– under a year but not small

– Doberman markings

– cropped tail, not ears

– really gentle

– plays well with other dogs

– needs to be fixed

– has limp (was possiblty hit by car)

– scared of stairs

– likes attention and love

– rarely barks

– knows some commands

– good in a car

* This guy needs someone who’s really going to love him and give him a good home. And if you want a lap dog who looks like a protector, he would be awesome for that. Contact me with inquiries.

P.S. I don’t mean to be a hardass, but if I don’t know you, you’re gonna have to answer a bunch of questions so I know you’re going to care for the animal. Why the attitude? Because some awful people have abused the “free to a good home” ads that show up on Craiglist, etc.

More info.

And finally, here’s a link to sign the petition to save Anheuser-Busch from being bought out by Belgium company InBev.  I’m not a gung-ho nationalist, but everything indicates that an InBev takeover would result in lots of lost jobs in St. Louis and a decrease in Anheuser-Busch’s  involvement in the community.  Please check it out!

That’s all for now; have a fun and meaningful week,