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SurveyUSA released a 543 sample poll of “Likely voters” taken in Missouri June 20th through the 22nd which was released on June 26th. The poll runs a head to head match up between McSame and Obama. The margin of error is 4.3%.

The poll was sponsored by KCTV in Kansas City and KSDK in St. Louis.

If there were an election for President of the United States today, would you vote for Republican John McCain? Or Democrat Barack Obama?


McCain – 50%

Obama – 43%

Undecided – 7%

These numbers, while different, have remained essentially unchanged (within the margin of error) since the May SurveyUSA poll.

The crosstabulations by party identification are always interesting:

Party Affiliation

Democrats [44% of sample]

McCain – 16%

Obama – 76%

Undecided – 8%

republicans [33% of sample]

McCain – 89%

Obama – 8%

Undecided – 3%

Independents [21% of sample]

McCain – 57%

Obama – 31%

Undecided – 11%

The numbers among republicans remain unchanged. Obama shows some improvement among Democrats, though there appears to be serious erosion among Independents.


Male [46% of sample]

McCain – 60%

Obama – 36%

Undecided – 5%

Female [54% of sample]

McCain – 41%

Obama – 50%

Undecided – 9%

Yep, there’s definitely a gender gap here. Those numbers among males just might explain these words on FISA. “National Security” is going to be an issue in that group. The republicans will make it so – you can count on it.