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I got this press release from Sam Page’s campaign today:

Missouri family featured on Today Show

Watch the Today Show story on the Shad Family.

The story of Molly and Steve Schad was featured today on NBC’s The Today Show. Molly and Steve are the parents of an autistic child. They have refinanced their house several times and borrowed money to pay for treatments. They are hoping Missouri will join other states in requiring insurance companies to cover autism spectrum disorder.

In Missouri, that legislation was sponsored by State Rep. Sam Page. Molly testified before a Missouri House of Representatives committee on April 15 in favor of the legislation. Six states have already passed such legislation and legislation awaits the governor’s signature in Louisiana.

“The state has a moral obligation to look out for its most vulnerable citizens,” Page said. “Because not all insurance companies share that obligation. My legislation would make certain that every health insurer was meeting the standard of basic human decency for patients and families with autism.”

Also, The Today Show’s home page is featuring an online poll asking if state’s should require coverage of autism spectrum disorder. Take a moment to vote to show your support of this legislation.

So why haven’t we passed this yet?