Hello everyone. My name is Don Dressel and I am the campaign manager for Joan Landmann. Joan is running to represent the 67th Missouri House seat.

My reason for this entry is not to promote my view of Joan’s candidacy as you can already guess most of what I would suggest. Instead, Joan will be available for you to inquire with and ask your own questions right here on Friday, June 13.

A little bit about Joan and the campaign if you are not aware; we are running a true grassroots campaign. A matter of fact, if you live in and around the 67th, there is a good chance you have had the chance to see Joan or her volunteers and if you haven’t, maybe you noticed the crop of yard signs that seem to pop up when we visit… Joan is running on a platform that includes issues such as; restoring the over 100,000 of our most vulnerable citizens cut from Medicaid and fighting for quality affordable health care overall, advocating for working families with jobs that pay liveable wages, promoting Green living, working to improve public education and fighting for the right of women to make their own reproductive choices.

But, feel free to ask the questions that are of concern to you.

Thanks for the time and space…you can always reach me at don4joan@gmail.com or 314.229.8709.

Joan can be reached directly at joanlandmann@joanlandmann2008.com or 314.288.4242.

I hope you will take the opportunity to communicate with Joan right here on Friday the 13th…