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There are some happy candidates and campaigns today:

…The Missouri AFL-CIO Executive Board met in Jefferson City yesterday to vote on candidate endorsements for the November ’08 election.

Board members unanimously voted to endorse Jay Nixon (the current Missouri state attorney general) for governor of Missouri…

…Other candidates the board voted to endorse included: Sam Page for lieutenant governor, Robin Carnahan for secretary of state and Clint Zweifel for state treasurer. Candidates for state representative, state Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives also were endorsed by the board.

The Missouri AFL-CIO has held several political training and meetings on health care this spring to get its members mobilized for the 2008 election. Unions and other affiliates represented at the meeting included: AFGE, AFSCME, ATU, Building and Construction Trades Department, CLUW, IBEW, SEIU, SMWIA, UA, UFCW and USW. Central labor council presidents for Kansas City and St. Louis were present as well as the Missouri legislative chair, Missouri AFL-CIO president and the secretary-treasurer.

There were no endorsements in the Attorney General primary or in the 9th Congressional District primary.

Missouri AFL-CIO’s list of endorsed candidates

AFL officials say they have not yet endorsed a candidate for 9th District

By Amelia Waters

Posted: Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at 2:23 p.m.

Missouri’s American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organization (AFL-CIO) held a press conference Wednesday morning at their Jefferson City office…

…Typically the AFL supports democratic candidates but Johnson said that the organization supports any and all supporters of the AFL, “There are a number of republicans that we have endorsed. And the reason, I can show on the records that we keep on our core issues, issues that cater to working people they voted with us.”

Candidates who received the endorsement in my geographic area include (for the Missouri House):

120 Kristi Kenney (D)

121 Jim Jackson (D)

122 Mike McGhee (R)*

123 Juan Alonzo (D)

124 Luke Scavuzzo (D)*

125 Carla Keough (D)

And for the Missouri Senate:

31 Chris Benjamin (D)

There’s quite a long list. And yes, there are a hand full of republicans on it.