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Part of that long hard slog of local politics for candidates, the retail aspect as it were, is in showing up at the many meetings in a district. It’s a good thing. Voters hear from the candidates and if the voter is engaged they might even ask a few questions.

The Johnson County Democratic Club holds a monthly meeting at a local eating establishment on West Pine Street in downtown Warrensburg. Activist Democrats and an occasional new face will show up for the dinner meeting. Candidates attend and, as time permits, they are handed the microphone with the invitation to say a few words.

Tonight we had one such meeting. Jeffrey Alvarado and Jim Jackson, candidates in the 121st Legislative District, and Kristi Kenney, candidate in the 120th Legislative District, were given the opportunity to speak at the meeting.

Jeffrey Alvarado:

…I am in the race for the 121st along with Mr. Jackson here. And also Mr. Arton. But, if you vote for me I will represent you to the best of my ability.

My number one priority is to restore Medicaid to the people who have lost it. My number two priority is to come up with a catastrophic insurance where Medicaid would be billed for it, versus businesses…

…I’m not collecting money at this time [soliciting campaign contributions], which is a good thing. [laughter] I have lots of signs from two years ago. I’m gonna recycle them later on…

…If you vote for me I appreciate it…Thank you. [applause]

Note: the single photo I was able to take of Jeffrey Alvarado didn’t turn out.

Jim Jackson, candidate in the 121st Legislative District

…yes, I’m running for the 121st Legislative District. I’ve been traveling around the district and found a number of different issues that have been very important to a lot of us, including of course, health care. Including adequate funding of education. Including the ability for people to be able to afford health care. Including economic development which we’re going to learn a lot about in just a few minutes. [The evening’s program included a presentation by the director of the local economic development entity] We’ve got very good economic development here in Johnson County.

We’ve got a lot to look at in Johnson County, we’ve got a lot to look at in the state. I was in Jefferson City the other day and saw the infighting that was going on there and it was absolutely disgusting. Coming from a business man’s point of view I couldn’t believe these people can’t even get along to get things passed.

I can do that…I can do a good job as your state rep…Thank you. [applause]

Kristi Kenney, candidate in the 120th Legislative District

…120th District…I ran in 2006 [against Shannon Cooper] and many of the problems that, the reasons I ran in 2006 are still present today. There are thousands of children and lots of people that are uninsured. The education formula gets twisted every year, but it’s never quite fully funded. There’s an increasing, alarming rate of children entering foster care in residential centers…over the years I’ve learned that children need loving and secure families. We need to have portable affordable health care and education has to be funded…Most everybody [Democrats] are addressing those same issues. We’re going to get some ideas on how we think we can remedy those issues. So, I look forward to meeting you all again…I appreciate your support, I had great support two years ago…Thank you. [applause]