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Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that our media isn’t talking about McSame’s inability to seal the deal with a significant number republican voters in the republican presidential primaries?

For instance, last night in Indiana:

McCain 317,837 77%

Huckabee 41,018 10%

Paul 31,481 8%

Romney 19,480 5%

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That’s 23% of the voters casting their ballot for someone else.

Then there’s North Carolina:

McCain 381,138 73%

Huckabee 62,917 12%

Paul 40,275 8%

No Preference 20,305 4%

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“No preference” did quite nicely, especially since they didn’t spend any money.

And finally, of recent presidential primaries, there’s Pennsylvania:

McCain 587,210 73%

Paul 128,483 16%

Huckabee 91,430 11%

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Wow. Over 200,000 republican primary voters in Pennsylvania didn’t vote for McSame. What’s he going to have to do to get their votes?

Tweety and the other cable network talking heads haven’t brought this up, have they? I wonder. It must not fit their selected narrative.

It’s going to be a long slog to November.