I knew, of course, that state reps often vote for something they don’t really approve of because they don’t want to take the heat for voting against it. They know that the Senate often kills those bad bills and saves them the trouble of facing constituents who thought such and such was a good idea.

Still, when the Bombardier deal sailed through the House 125-16, I thought uh-oh. Yeah, sure, the Senate’s been less than lukewarm to the idea, but this might be one of those deals that everybody’s afraid to kill.

Not so. From PubDef:

The controversial $800 million tax credit for a Canadian airplane manufacturer has been killed this morning in the Senate Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight Committee.

The so-called “Bombardier” deal, named after the Canadian airplane manufacturer who would benefit from this tax credit, the largest in state history, was killed in committee this morning by a vote of 5-2, with Senators Jeff Smith (D-4), Rita Days (D-14), Wes Shoemeyer (D-18), Brad Lager (R-12), and Rob Mayer (R-25) voting against it.

Thank you to Senators Shoemyer, Days, and Smith. And yes, thank you to Republican Senators Lager and Mayer.