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Never let people with smart mouths, bad attitudes, and political axes to grind near a union print shop. If you do so, they will inevitably gravitate toward creating a sarcastic bumper sticker. It’s got to be genetic.

The bumper sticker is 11 inches wide and 3 inches high. The background is actually white (okay, I’m not the world’s greatest photographer, so sue me).

Here’s the deal:

We printed 500 of these suckers (the photo really doesn’t do it justice, so sue me – I tell you, it “pops” live) at a union shop. Printing at a union shop is the only way to go. Are you paying attention Democratic Party candidates?

Since the Show Me Progress corporate headquarters has a staff of exactly zero we do not have the necessary infrastructure to fill requests that ask us to “please send me three”.

However, if you want to acquire 100 of these beauties for distribution as you see fit, we can talk. Contact us at: info@showmeprogress.com  If we get enough large orders we can order a really large printing (thereby driving the costs way down) and everybody will then be really happy. We won’t have distribution headaches, the meme achieves complete saturation, and a union print shop will be kept busy twenty four hours a day, seven days a week until early November.

Everybody will be happy. Except for actual republicans.

Now, don’t get upset with us because we can’t send you “just three”. We have a choice here. Write and post blog content, or fill bumper sticker orders one at a time. I think you’ll agree with the choice we made.

We plan on bringing the bumper stickers with us to the Missouri Democratic Party convention in Columbia on May 10th. Then again, if they’re all gone by then we’ll try to figure something out about getting more produced and distributed to the consumer masses.

A way to acquire a few of these beauties before May 10th is to actually see one of us before then.  Not so fast. Right now they’re sitting in one spot in the west central part of the state. We haven’t gotten a chunk of them to our folks in the eastern part of the state yet. Once we figure that out, we’ll let you all know.