According to the ‘Marshall Democrat News’ (03/25/08)  Commissioner Becky  Plattner  announced she is seeking the office of lieutenant governor and filed Friday, March 21, to be on the August primary ballot. In the announcement she stated: “I’m not going to run a hard campaign,” I am committed to serving the people of Saline County.  I just want to get my name in the hat….”

According the ‘Slater Main Street News’ (04/24/08) Commissioner Becky Plattner announced on April 19 the she will be running for Lt. Governor in the 2012 election. In the announcement she stated: “…I have given this much thought…My focus will be on the 2012 election and I hope…I will be the next Lieutant Governor of Missouri.”

She is still listed on the 2008 ballot, according the Sec. of State Robin Carnahan’ web site.  According the Mo Ethics Commission web site, no reports have been received about financial disclosure, direct expenditures, campaign/campaign committee report, or a statement of exemption.  Can someone explain these apparent errors, oversights, ethical lapses and mixed messages or did I miss something in political science class?

Is Becky Plattner running for Lt. Governor this year and announcing her “re-election” campaign a month later?  Has she withdrawn from the 2008 election? Is she stating she will not run commissioner again? Does she plan on running “hard” in 2012 and use 2008 as a ‘rehearsal’? Does she plan on filing campaign finance reports required by law?  Does she have any idea what she is doing?