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Missouri voters, stop signing petitions.

There are too many outside interests that think they have a right to influence our state government, and that p*sses me off most righteously.

What the hell business does  Ward Connerly have interfering in our state government?  He lives and pays his taxes in California, but he has a bit in his teeth and wants to outlaw Affirmative Action in Missouri.   This pompous jerk thinks he has the right to tell us we should amend our constitution!  And I gotta repeat – he is not a Missouri taxpayer, so where the hell does he get off?

With the May 4 deadline for signature collection looming, Connerly is downright desperate to collect enough signatures to get his wet-dream on our ballot in November.  So desperate, in fact, that he is recruiting “members and friends” of the Minuteman xenophobes to come to Missouri and collect signatures.  

The trip is being pitched as a “1-2 week paid ‘vacation.'” Travel and meals would be paid for. And like professional circulators, Minutemen would receive a small fee for each signature they collect.

Of course, organizers know it’s not money that drives Minutemen. The activist group, comprised of private citizens, has been monitoring the U.S.-Mexico border for illegal immigrants since 2005.

“The tie-in with immigration issues is very strong,” Minutemen organizer Stuart Hurlbert e-mailed his fellow members last week.

“About 3/4 of all immigrants and probably more like 90% percent of illegal immigrants, are immediately eligible the minute they cross the border or get off the plane, on the basis of their ‘race,’ for preferential treatment by all sorts of federally mandated programs.”

Connerly is also pushing a similar agenda in Arizona, but he isn’t recruiting hate-mongers to gather signatures there.

“Why not?”  you may ask.

Because, dear reader, Arizona has a common-sense law on the books that prohibits petitioners who are not registered voters in the state from circulating and collecting signatures.

Missouri needs a law like this.  Fortunately, the people in my part of the state had the good sense to send Jolie Justus to the state senate, and she is on the case, working to get similar legislation passed right here in Missouri.

Please contact your state representative and state senator and encourage them to support legislation that would close our referendum process to outside interests pushing personal agendas.

UPDATE  —  8:15 p.m.

Via that other blog devoted to the correct (left) side of Missouri politics, we learn that one of Ward Connerly’s minions, a fellow named John Wynne,  was interviewed by police in Wentzville when he ducked monitors who intend to assure that signature gatherers are honestly representing the petitions they are collecting signatures for.  

In the course of conducting their interview and investigation, the Wentzville police learned that Mr. Wynne is wanted in three states on misdemeanor voter fraud  warrants.  He has quite a history of misrepresenting the position of petitions he gathers signatures for.  

Because the charges are not extraditable, he was not arrested and so far as anyone knows, he is continuing to duck the monitors and collect signatures while misrepresenting the petition he wants Missourians to sign.  

Have you called your state congresscritters yet to put a stop to petition gatherers like this creep?  

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