The fight against the Protect AT&T bill has once again resumed in the Senate.

Senate Judiciary Chair Leahy is teaming up with his counterpart in the House, John Conyers, in getting support out for the House bill to be adopted by the Senate.

This would be instead of the Rockefeller monstrosity that has telecom immunity which is something are alledged Democratic junior Senator has been supporting.

The Conyers/Leahy letter proposal is as follows:

I urge you to support the fair FISA bill passed by the House of Representatives in March.

Any new FISA legislation must be strong and balanced, protecting America’s national security while defending civil liberties — without granting retroactive immunity to phone companies.  Retroactive immunity would abet the Bush-Cheney Administration’s efforts to avoid accountability for its actions.

The House’s FISA bill strikes the appropriate balance.  That’s why I strongly support the FISA bill passed by the House in March, and why I’m urging you as my Senator to support the House’s legislation as well.

So folks, it’s time once again to start reminding Senator McCaskill that she’s a Democrat, sworn to uphold the Constitution, was elected to say no to President 24%, yunno, those kinds of little things.

We didn’t send her there to cave everytime the Repups say “boo”.

Here’s your chance Madame Senator to earn an attaboy.  It’ll go toward wiping out the numerous “aw shits” on your record to date.