Jerry Ford at Missourians for Tax Justice sent out to the members of the group this account of doings in the House last week:

Where’s your money going?

For starters, the Senate debated a bill that would give $500 to $800 Million ($40 Million a year for 22 years) in tax credits to a French/Canadian airplane manufacturer who wants to locate in St. Joe!!

Any discretionary moneys over those years would probably be gobbled up .. forget education, mental health, public safety, medical care, etc. They needed our hero, Jeanette Oxford’s amendment in the House on HJR 70.

While the Senate was giving all our money away, the House was limiting Legislatures from making spending determinations on vital needs in the future by taking away certain future revenues from the table. And then came Jeanette with a great amendment. In essence it said, “Let’s just agree that Missouri should always remain at the bottom of the country for services to its citizens!” While she was shouted down by the Republicans in the Chamber, her stock rose dramatically in the Halls!

She may not know it, but she’s being noticed by lobbyists, pundits, reporters, etc. around the building as someone not to be taken lightly. Her cries from the wilderness are beginning to be heard.


Representative Oxford offered House Amendment No. 1.

AMEND House Committee Substitute for House Joint Resolution No. 70, Page 1, Section 23(a), Line 1, by inserting after “23(a). 1.” the following:

“It is the goal of the state of Missouri to fund education, public safety, and vital services to our citizens at a level below that of most other states, so that Missouri will never be among the top tier of states for public investment in education, public safety, and vital services to our citizens.”; and

Further amend said title, enacting clause and intersectional references accordingly.

Representative Oxford moved that House Amendment No. 1 be adopted.

Which motion was defeated.

Although the motion was officially defeated, it will be acted on in practice–but perhaps Jeanette is less than happy to get her way after all.

Anyway, it’s unusual to see Mott-Oxford speaking for the Republicans better than they could do it themselves.