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Political Fix reported Tuesday that ACORN was planning to stop by Claire McCaskill’s headquarters on Delmar with cardboard boxes: “‘an award for helping Wall Street and forgetting about Main Street.'” ACORN proposes that she give the boxes to “‘any of the 153 Missourians that lose their homes to foreclosure daily.'”

“ACORN members are incensed by Senator McCaskill’s vote last week to kill a provision that could help 600,000 families facing foreclosure save their homes.  The Durbin amendment, which was offered to the Foreclosure Prevention Act, would have allowed bankruptcy judges to modify the terms of the mortgages of primary residences to achieve an affordable monthly payment when mortgage servicers refuse to or are unable to make such modifications.  Bankruptcy judges already have this power for second homes, vacation homes, yachts, and other major purchases, and the Durbin amendment would close the loophole preventing modifications on primary residences.  Senator McCaskill voted to table, or kill, the amendment.”

” ‘We have always known Senator McCaskill to be on the side of working people.  Frankly, we are shocked that she would side with Wall Street over the interests of her constituents, and we hope this is just an aberration,” said Missouri ACORN board member Lynn Oldham.