As part of the Missouri Democratic Party delegate selection plan the state committee met today in St. Louis to elect pledged PLEO (party leader/elected official) delegates and two “unpledged add-on” delegates.

Theoretically it would be possible for a campaign to have majority support on the committee and thus elect their candidate’s supporters to those “unpledged add-on” delegate slots.

I received the following information:

The unpledged adds ons are Susan Montee and Jay Nixon.

The new Hillary [Clinton] PLEOs are Jackson County Executive  Mike Sanders, Mayor Francis Slay, Senator Joan Bray and Senator Jolie Justus.

I have not received word on who was elected as Barack Obama PLEO delegates.

State Auditor Susan Montee endorsed Barack Obama in 2007. I can’t find any information on Jay Nixon making an endorsement for the party’s presidential nomination. I don’t believe he has done so yet.