The Department of Veteran’s Affairs announced today that the quest to bring safe, clean affordable housing to the families of Veterans receiving care at the VA Medical Center in St. Louis moved forward a significant step.  Fisher House is coming to St. Louis.

“This new Fisher House gives veterans and military families a home-like environment, allowing them to be near their loved ones during their recoveries,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Dr. James B. Peake. “This wonderful new facility will allow patients to focus on their treatment and permit them to receive the full benefit of VA’s world-class care.”


The new Fisher House will be built on the grounds of the Jefferson Barracks Division of the St. Louis VA Medical Center. The Fisher House is 100 percent handicapped accessible and will have 21 bedrooms or suites and several common use areas.

       Fisher Houses are built through public donations and contributions from the Fisher House Foundation. VA assumes responsibility for operating costs of the finished homes.

Fisher House is an A+ charity, does a whole lot of good work, efficiently uses every penny they take in, and are honest-to-goodness concerned with taking care of the families of wounded veterans so they can make the recovery of their loved one their only concern.

This new Fisher House will benefit the families of wounded veterans from all over the state, and I think it is safe to say I can safely speak for most, if not all Missouri military families when I say “Thank you!” to the folks who made the decision to build one here.  We have a high percentage of service compared to the population of our state, and a high percentage of those serving come from economically depressed areas.  I personally know people in rural Missouri who have family in uniform who would have a hard time with the living expenses if they were in that position.   This new Fisher House will undoubtedly save some of them from financial strain, if not ruin.