The first quarter ends at midnight, and Kay Barnes needs your help.

The race for the Missouri 06 is going to be one of the most expensive and contentious in the nation,  and the GOP knows it – that is why Sam Graves is the only congressional candidate in the country to have both the president and vice president blown into the district to help with fundraising.

Losing the MO-06 would be a crippling psychological blow.  And it would tip the balance of the Missouri delegation Democratic.  Our senators are one of each, and of our nine house seats, the current split is five-four, advantage republicans.

The Barnes campaign sent out an email a couple of hours ago asking for 75 people to donate $25.00 each by midnight.  Over at BG,RS Headquarters, we  would be very gratified if five of those seventy five came from clicking the link to the  Act Blue page we established for My Beloved Mayor.

Urban dwellers nation wide who are frustrated by the lack of attention being paid to urban issues have a vested interest in sending another popular, successful, big-city mayor to Congress.  We already have one KC Mayor sitting in the Congress doing a fine job.  I think we should make it two.