Gene McNary’s son, 43 year old Cole McNary filed today to run for Jane Cunningham’s seat in RD86 (she’s termed out and running for the Senate). Democrat Marty Ott ran for that seat in 2006, and is one of two Dems trying for it this year. Looks like her job just got harder.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is in the run for Maida Coleman’s seat, SD5. (She’s termed out.) Everybody’s been speculating about whether Tom Villa, who’s white, would file against black reps Rodney Hubbard and Robin Wright Jones. He didn’t. But Connie Johnson, who is also African American, did. All three Dems running are termed out of the House.

Thanks to moscout for a tip that Democrat Jill Schupp might pick up a second Republican rival in RD82. Frank Plescia, of Monsanto, filed this afternoon. Terry Frank filed on the first day, but his campaign has been low key, and Republicans apparently want to raise their chances of taking back Sam Page’s seat for the Rs.

What I can tell from Googling Plescia is that he’s an RCGA type whose name makes it into the paper occasionally in connection with Republican fundraisers and such. Those of you who’ve been following state politics longer than I have may be able to tell us more.