A long time ago I lived for a few years on the west coast. Living next to a coastal marsh we were very much aware of the changing tides.

The tides are an imperfect metaphor for a political contest, but they’ll do for now.

The changing perceptions and fortunes in the Democratic presidential nomination process are more a function of immovable object meeting irresistible force. And we’re not going to know the ultimate outcome for quite a while. We have two formidable candidates, neither who will quit, and either who will be a quantum leap better than the republican alternative – four more years of McSame.

One of the two individuals will be the Democratic Party’s nominee – that person has to win in November. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Here we’ve managed to avoid the extended nomination advocacy pie fights that have been occurring elsewhere. That’s due to a number of factors, but I still find that the avoidance of pie hurling is a good thing. This is a clean, well lit place.

You may have noticed that people around here are quite upset with the junior senator from Missouri over telecom immunity. Rightly so. But still, we are about Missouri politics and political news. When Claire McCaskill speaks we pay attention:    

McCaskill defends pastor’s ‘good works’


The Kansas City Star

…[Sen. Barack Obama’s former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.] “There are good works this man has done,” she told reporters in Kansas City…

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She’s correct, you know.

I have a question. How come McSame hasn’t been “required” to make a speech similar to Barack Obama’s? Just asking.

Meanwhile, or useless media checks Hillary Clinton’s White House schedule

…The larger point about all this is how conservatives and in particular the media define acceptable discourse, and what will provoke outrage, or barely a twitter…

Get used to it. Whoever is the nominee of the Democratic Party is going to be subjected to the worst the opposition and the media can throw at them. Expect no quarter…and give none.