Heh. Go figure. Here in Missouri, like the rest of the nation, the cult followers of a presidential candidate flood the system for choosing a nominee. How messy.

It just goes to show you how “undemocratic” those caucuses can be.

Or, in politics, is half the battle in just showing up?

Ultimately those true believers will face disappointment – their candidate won’t deliver and the system will crush their hopes…  

Ron Paul‘s Missouri supporters aren’t giving up.

Despite his distant fourth-place finish in the state’s presidential primary, with just 4.5 percent of the vote, more than a thousand Paul supporters crowded into Republican county caucuses last weekend, electing hundreds of delegates to upcoming congressional district and state conventions….

…After the walkout, Jackson County caucus attendees narrowly elected a nearly full slate of Paul supporters – more than 175 delegates. They, along with other delegates picked across Missouri, will eventually choose 55 of the party’s 58 delegates to the Republican National Convention.

Those national delegates must vote for McCain, the primary winner, under state party rules. But Farrington says the turnout at Saturday’s caucus suggests Paul supporters want to change those rules before the convention…

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In Missouri, no less. Apparently landslide McSame still doesn’t have the masses…or it all depends on what your definition of “a vast majority” is.