Missourinet has the story:

The top Democrat in the Missouri House has made a bold prediction:  Democrats will take back the majority in the House this year.

Rep. Paul LeVota (D-Independence) foresees a great election year for Democrats and says he has the numbers to back him up. LeVota believes Democrats can pick up 13 seats, which would give them the majority in the 163-seat chamber. He says the numbers favor Democrats. Only seven incumbent Democrats have Republican opponents so far; only one in what Democrats consider a vulnerable seat. In contrast, Democrats have fielded opponents against 34 Republican incumbents.


There are currently 91 Republicans and 70 Democrats in the House with two vacancies. Republicans took control of the House for the first time in 48 years in 2002, picking up 15 seats, turning an 88-to-75 Democratic majority into a 90-to-73 Republican majority. Democrats made their first gains since then the last election cycle. In 2002 (sic: should read 2006), Democrats picked up five seats in the House.

In fact, those five seats we picked up in 2006? Those represented the first time since 1976 that Democrats had posted a net gain in House seats. But this year may make that important five seat gain look like small potatoes, with LeVota predicting a gain of 13 seats. Hey, I’d settle for a mere 11: that’s the minimum number for retaking the House.