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Being from the east side of the state, I’m no expert on Kay Barnes; I’m just glad to see a well known, popular Democrat challenge We-don’t-need-no-stinkin’-SCHIP Sam Graves.

I do know this: At the Climate Action Summit last Saturday, Dennis Murphey, the Chief Environmental Officer for Kansas City, wowed the audience by describing what K.C. has been doing for the last three years to fight global warming. (I’ll have more information on their activities in a later posting.)

Anyway, the backstory to all that K.C. environmental action is that the U.S. Conference of Mayors decided several years ago that if President Global-Warming-Doesn’t-Exist wouldn’t do anything, they’d urge mayors nationwide to take the bull by the horns. Mayor Barnes was among the first 200 mayors in the country to sign on. That was in 2005.

And now, an article in CQ Politics says that Barnes is one of a Baker’s Dozen of Democratic Congressional candidates who’s been selected by the DCCC for “enhanced fundraising and strategic assistance”:


Kay Barnes, Missouri’s 6th (Sam Graves). Barnes is among the best-funded Democratic challengers in the nation, in part because she is coming off an eight-year tenure as mayor of Kansas City, Mo., for which she received praise. Graves hasn’t been seriously challenged by the Democrats since he was first elected in 2000 to succeed Democrat Pat Danner. CQ Politics rates this race as Leans Republican.

As I said to begin with, what do I really know about Kay Barnes? Not much. Here’s what I know: Next time Congress is debating how much money to allocate to building alternative energy infrastructure, I want Barnes voting, not Graves.