Feb 26 Post Dispatch had a short editorial saying Robin Carnahan is supporting a bill submitted by Sen. Rita Days requiring paper ballots to be printed for the Nov. election.  This is in response to a forecast by the National Assn of Secretaries of State that this election could bring out a record number of voters, perhaps even 80% turnout.  The Days bill wants the paper ballots to be available as back up to the touch-screen voting machines (DRE’s.)

But Cynthia Richards of Missourians for Honest elections told a group of West County Dems on Wed. evening that it’s all but certain that Sen. Joan Bray will up the ante and submit a bill requiring the USE of paper ballots in November for all voters except a person with a handicap who can only vote by touch-screen.

Of course, the Republicans will quash either of these bills, and, even if they are passed, Blunt will veto them.  So here’s what we need to do.

Old-fashioned people power (which, I think is coincidentally the definition of democracy) will have to demand the change.  Call the Secretary of State’s office at 800-699-8683 and ask for the director of elections, Kay Dinolfo.  Ask her WHEN (not if) the touch screen machines are going to be decertified as other states have done after finding all kinds of bugs in them.  Or email elections@sos.mo.gov with your message.

Then go to Mo for Honest Elections website at http://www.mohonestelections.org and ask how to get a copy of one of two DVD’s – “Stealing America Vote by Vote” or “UnCounted.”  I think Stealing America is a more convincing documentary than UnCounted, but they are both good.  UnCounted has interviews with Republicans who are just as outraged as Democrats by the “privatization of our elections and democratic process.”  

If the moneyed-interests can “flip” votes in their favor, we can stop wasting our time having elections.  If some tinpot dictatorship had the kind of problems with their elections that we are experiencing, our govt would be up in arms and sending in inspectors.  Well, in this case, WE are the government, so we’ll have to get busy and do the job ourselves.