I get a kick out of politicians who brazen out their losing situations. Roy Blunt, who has finally been forced to endorse McCain, invites us into his fantasy world:

“I believe this [Republican presidential] contest is over,” Blunt said after the meeting. “I think it’s produced the best possible nominee for us to take back the House, ….

If that ain’t a hoot. Take back the House? Let me put it this way: Twenty-nine Republican representatives have decided not to seek re-election. That beats their old record of 27 departures set back in 1952. “‘It’s become an epidemic,’ said David Johnson, a Republican consultant and strategist based in Atlanta.”

Democrats, on the other hand, are departing at the rate of … five.

Another truth-telling Republican analyst gives the lie to Blunt’s bravado:

“The Republican brand right now is damaged. Voters are not blaming the Democratic Congress, even though the polls show that Congress is held in such low esteem. Voters are blaming Republicans more than they’re blaming the Democrats who are in power. . . . All of a sudden we’re playing defense.”

Poor babies.

Then there’s the Senate, where five long time Senate Republicans are also leaving: John Warner of Virginia, Pete Domenici of New Mexico, Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, Larry Craig of Idaho and Wayne Allard of Colorado. That’s FIVE. OPEN. SEATS. Hoo-wah!

Oh-blah-di, Oh-blah-dah, Life Goes On, Yeah. La La How the Life Goes On.

Photo showing McCain flanked on the left by Blunt, courtesy of McClatchy newspapers.